Aparthotel room rental for business travellers

Are you travelling to Montpellier, Toulouse or Bordeaux on business? Make the most of our aparthotel special rates! Aparthotels are the perfect solution for short or medium term stays. This type of accommodation combines the comfort of a furnished apartment with the services of a hotel.

Accommodation suited to business travellers

The quality of services, the comfort of the furnishings and the location of our aparthotels make this type of accommodation increasingly sought-after by business travellers. They can drop their suitcases off and head to a meeting, symposium, trade fair or training.

For business trips, business travellers are increasingly turning to renting furnished apartments rather than booking hotel rooms, which can come across as cold and devoid of charm. At Abitel, you can book your accommodation for a week, a month or however long you need.

Abitel appart hotel voyageurs d'affaires

Discover the benefits of our aparthotels on your business trip

A variety of reasons can necessitate a business trip: a client meeting, to undertake training, attend a trade fair, or even to participate in a company symposium. Abitel has a range of accommodation available for booking, from studios for one person to duplex apartments for 4 people.

By opting for a furnished apartment at one of our facilities, your travel manager can make the most of the range of services available:

Enjoy the benefits of an aparthotel by booking your accommodation at our of our premises:

• Unlimited Wi-Fi

As business travellers, it’s important to have access to a reliable internet connection that lets you keep in touch with your colleagues and respond quickly to emails.

• Fully furnished and equipped accommodation

All of our accommodation is fully furnished and features an equipped kitchen. Enjoy all the comforts of your own home and cook meals whenever you like. Rooms are optimised and each apartment features a spare bed or sofa bed.

An apartment as comfy as your own home! You are free to invite your business partners in.

• An attractive pricing policy

Aparthotel prices are more affordable than a standard hotel room. At Abitel, there are no hidden fees and prices decrease the longer you stay.

• Secure facilities

All of our aparthotels feature secure parking and have a concierge available on-site.

Business travellers, book your accommodation now at one of our aparthotels in Montpellier, Toulouse or Bordeaux!