What types of accommodation can I find in an apartment-hotel?
  • Résidence Bordeaux - 14 June 2019

What types of accommodation can I find in an apartment-hotel?

A apart-hotel is none other than a tourist or professional residence. It is a kind of establishment halfway between a hotel and an apartment. It is ideal for those who love the comfort of an apartment and hotel services, since it combines both. This type of accommodation is of particular interest to people travelling on business, but this does not exclude holidaymakers.

The apartment hotel and all its comforts
The Appart hotel is a type of tourist accommodation of variable size. Generally, it is equipped to satisfy not only business travellers, but also those who have come for leisure or tourism.

The Appart hotel distinguishes itself from other accommodation places by its ability to offer complete independence to its residents while allowing them to benefit from the services of a hotel, and this, in a complete apartment. It is for these reasons that this type of hosting is very advantageous and has been in vogue for some time. The concept is attractive and is being deployed in many countries. In large cities, it is hotels that attract the market, as there is a high demand for overnight accommodation. The concept of the Appart hotel then flourished with the idea of fitting out an equipped kitchen in the living room. Unlike the hotel chain, the living space in the Apartment hotel is larger with a spacious kitchen and a bathroom equipped like at home. Clients are free to choose what suits them, from studios to duplexes for 4 people.

Advantages of a Hotel Apartment
The concept of "feeling at home" is one of the main advantages of the Appart hotel. This type of accommodation seems to be more welcoming and warm compared to hotel rooms that are considered simpler, standardized and impersonal. Indeed, there are other assets that are by no means negligible, such as freedom over schedules, for example. There is also the fact of being able to enjoy a larger living space, not to mention the savings on meals! On the health side, it is possible to eat healthy or even to follow your own diet. The owner will be happy to provide some useful information if necessary to people staying in his Apartment hotel. Concerning privacy, it is simply as if you were at home. Guests are welcome as long as they do not stay overnight.
You will have understood it, for any trip, get out of the classic and now opt for the Apparthotel in order to find all the comfort of a house!