Toulouse: the list of our favorite cocktail bars
  • Résidence Toulouse - 12 June 2019

Toulouse: the list of our favorite cocktail bars

A student city with a population of nearly 450,000, Toulouse offers a wide range of activities to be carried out and is bubbling with good humour. It is a city where it is easy to meet people and make friends. So why not sip a cocktail and remake the world in good company, in cool, trendy bars? We have selected for you 6 nice places for your evenings with friends.

London Town

London Town is a London bar that immediately takes us to the English capital, it is known as the oldest pub in Toulouse. The little something extra it offers us is the friendliness and warmth of the atmosphere that reigns there. But above all, the beer is excellent and you can relax by playing poker or darts. It's also the perfect place to watch a game with friends!

The Monkey Hour

As its name suggests, this bar is not traditional. The concept itself is innovative and attracts a lot of French youth. The list of cocktails on offer changes with the seasons. Summer then has its own dedicated cocktails, and this is also valid for autumn, winter and spring. In addition to this, the bar offers in its menu unusual drink names and taste indicators to make sure you are not mistaken in your choice. It is the ideal place for parties with friends, or to start a night out in the pink city.

The Apothecary

Located at 27 Rue Gabriel Péri, this bar is for all gourmets and cocktail lovers. You can enjoy drinks with extraordinary flavours, but no less excellent. We are here in the presence of a master of the art of cocktails, the bartender being endowed with an unequalled know-how! There is no room for the classic. Originality is required. Their homemade punch is a must try, and the other creations can really surprise you.

The Tenors

Good music that makes us vibrate all night long, a large terrace located on the mythical Place du Capitole and a small mojito, that's what the bar Les Ténors offers us. This place is one of the most pleasant bars in Toulouse. We could spend an entire night there, because we can't get bored. The decoration is splendid and the place is inspired by the style of the Capitoline Opera House. The little something extra is their delicious bistro dishes, like the mythical burgers with fries.

The Moloko Bar

It is a bar that will take you to another world with its surprising decoration. This is where we meet on Friday nights after a week of hard work. The cocktails are very well prepared. In addition, the prices are affordable. It is suitable for all budgets.

The Color of the Panties

We end our selection with this address which has existed for almost 14 years. It is located in St. Peter's Square, where there is no end to the celebration. This trendy cocktail bar with an intriguing name offers a real experience of what it is like to celebrate in Toulouse. In addition, guests can enjoy very good cocktails.

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