Top 8 of the most beautiful beaches and rivers near Montpellier
  • Résidence Montpellier - 11 June 2019

Top 8 of the most beautiful beaches and rivers near Montpellier

An outstanding holiday destination, Montpellier—known as La Surdouée by the French—will captivate you with its many facets and its wide variety of natural riches. If you're looking for a revitalising, relaxing place to spend your holiday, this city of a thousand wonders won't disappoint. It boasts a wide choice of bathing spots for you to enjoy a fantastic wellness & relaxation break with your family, partner or friends.

Petit Travers beach

Dip your feet in the water and have an unforgettable time in a peaceful setting surrounded by lush nature, on the beach of Petit Travers. Nestled between Carnon and La Grande Motte, this is a small haven of tranquillity where you can enjoy a delightful swim.

L’Espiguette beach

Far from the madding crowds at other popular bathing spots, L'Espiguette beach immerses you in a calm, natural environment where you can bask on a gorgeous 14km long coastline. The beauty of this spot together with the calm Mediterranean sea won't leave you indifferent.

Lido beach

Stroll along the Lido beach and enjoy a few moments of happiness in direct contact with nature. Featuring a play area for kids and a few beach huts in the summer season, this spot will delight both children and adults.

The small waterfall on the Lez

To relax near Montpellier, go to the small waterfall on the Lez. Along it's 14km, the Lez offers a truly natural beauty spot where the whole family can take a safe dip, no holds barred.

Salagou Lake

In the heart of a unique landscape, take a short relaxing and revitalising break at the Salagou Lake. Its pebble beaches and red earth make for a peaceful atmosphere and an exceptional spot. This holiday destination will seduce more than one.

Carnon Creek

If you're a sporty type and fan of beach games, Carnon Creek is the place for you. Besides a wonderful, fine sandy beach and the turquoise blue sea inviting you in for a swim or just to laze around, this beach features a variety of facilities such as kids games and a beach volleyball court.

The Devil's Bridge

The Devil's Bridge offers a great change of scenery and a touch of adventure. Located just a few steps from Saint-Jean-de-Fos, this spot is suitable for swimming thanks to its sandy beach. To cope with the summer heat, what could be better than a swim in the cool waters of the Herault gorge. For the more adventurous, why not take a canoe down the gorge?

Vis waterfall

Treat yourself to a wonderful adventure surrounded by magnificent nature, and make a stop at the Vis waterfall, in Saint-Laurent-Le-Minier. This lush little slice of paradise will delight both young and old!

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