Our selection of the best guided tours of Toulouse
  • Résidence Toulouse - 01 February 2019

Our selection of the best guided tours of Toulouse

Under the Midi sun, Toulouse is a crossroads between heritage and tradition. This is a fascinating city, brimming with youth, and with a relaxing atmosphere. The streets are always lively. A visit to Toulouse and its tourist sites is highly recommended as part of any trip to France. Here is our guide to the best sights for a guided tour of the Land of Cockaigne.

The Museum of Toulouse

Located in the centre of the Occitanian capital, in a leafy neighbourhood, the Natural History Museum exudes the beauty of nature and fully immerses you in the era of Romanticism. The Museum exhibits its extraordinary collection of over 2 million pieces over a surface area of some 3000m2. This modern museum boasts an interactive botanic garden, scientific laboratories, and workshops for kids and toddlers. The park is open from Tuesday to Thursday and visits are free on the first Sunday of every month.

Jolimont Observatory Toulouse

Established by the Academy of Science in 1846, also in Toulouse, this French astronomical observatory is open to the public every Friday evening from 8pm—9.30pm. Visitors are welcomed from 8 pm and the beginning of the visit is at 9.30 pm The observatory is located at the top of a gently sloping hill to shield it from light pollution from the city, and it houses several telescopes through which you can see and enjoy many astronomical phenomena for yourself. In addition, the green fields surrounding the observatory are great for playing, particularly for children, and a range of events is held here such as the 'Night of the Stars', the science fair, and heritage days.

The Jacobins' palm tree

The Church of the Jacobins was built between 1230 and 1340, following the spread of the Dominican doctrine. It is a Gothic building, built entirely of brick. The church is some 80m long and 20m wide. It is home to an incredible 'palm tree' rising 28 meters above the ground. Unique in the world, this spectacular 'palm' with 22 ribs is the symbol of the Jacobins. The tree dominates the church and is what makes it so striking. This giant palm tree is a matter of pride for the people of Toulouse. The tree is located within the church itself, and a mirror fitted to the ground gives the feeling that you're floating in the air, or falling into a vast cavity. It really is amazing!

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