How about an aparthotel for your holidays?
  • Résidence Bordeaux,Résidence Montpellier,Résidence Toulouse - 11 June 2019

How about an aparthotel for your holidays?

The summer holidays are fast approaching! Here you are on the Internet searching for the best advice to give your family the holiday of their dreams—without breaking the bank. But it can often be a real headache choosing between the different rates and services offered by innumerable establishments. So, to help you make your final decision, why not go for an aparthotel? This innovative tourist accommodation concept has been reaping success in recent years. With this option, you can enjoy a range of benefits! See below:

Aparthotels: a subtle cross between the comfort of an apartment and the services of a hotel

More and more tourists are being charmed by the aparthotel concept, and the many advantages they pose. And the reasons are many. Indeed, this accommodation solution lets you enjoy all of the advantages of a hotel stay together with the independence and comfort of an apartment. Whether you're on holiday or a business trip, you can benefit from cleaning services, laundry facilities and more. It's even possible to use the fitness or wellness centre in some of our aparthotels. Choose from a variety of different sized rooms depending on your needs, an equipped kitchen and private bathroom. All of these rooms are separate.

Aparthotels for a flexible, authentic stay

As already mentioned, with an aparthotel room you get a separate bedroom and your own kitchen. This means you can enjoy an authentic stay in the city. Parents and children can have their own rooms for more privacy and peace. In addition, you can use the kitchen to cook your meals, or dine out and try the local specialities. And that's not all, you needn't worry about complying with meal times like at a classic hotel. You can eat whenever you please, at all hours, and follow your regular eating habits. This is the ideal alternative if you're travelling with your kids. And don't forget that you're free to welcome your family and friends to your room! Some establishments facilitate this by providing a sofa bed or spare bed. You can even organise a business meeting in your accommodation if you deem it suitable for the occasion. In short, you'll feel totally at home in an aparthotel.

Aparthotels: have fun on a budget

In addition to being practical, flexible and authentic, renting an aparthotel during your holidays is also a great budget option. In general, stays in an aparthotel are less expensive than classic hotels, especially is you're travelling with your family for a few days. You won't need to splash out on restaurants or hotel menus. Preparing your own meals offers a far cheaper option.